Wellness Isn't Hard To Understand, It's Just Hard To Act On…

Wellness Isn't Hard To Understand, It's Just Hard To Act On…

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple; alternative health and wellness solutions these days are too varied and complex. Not all the vendors we find online are credible nor the right fit.

Even if we attempt to take care of our health on our own, we may not know the best way to achieve our goals; and some results take too long to attain. 

That is where we come in…

DNA Isn’t Hard To Understand; It’s Just Hard To Act On…

DNA Isn’t Hard To Understand; It’s Just Hard To Act On…

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple; DNA information these days are too varied and complex. There are many companies offering great insights to our genes, but not every test is the right fit.

The reason why we do any DNA test is not because we want the information, but the solution to solve our personal health and wellness problems.

That is where we come in…

Like Our DNA, We Are All Connected…

We believe in connecting people to alternative health and wellness vendors that they can trust, and empower the effectiveness of their offerings with insights from DNA reports so people can achieve their health, wellness and life goals the right and precise way.

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To Help People Achieve More…

With DNA-Designed Solutions

As the world changes, we believe that people need to take personal ownership of their own health and happiness, and foster closer synergies with their health and wellness providers. To that end, we took inspiration from the 16 Sustainable Development Goals from United Nations to align our values to help create a bigger impact for humanity towards a better tomorrow.

Group 2435

Good Health & Well-Being

Use DNA data to allow people have early insights to their health and wellness.

Group 2433

Quality Education

Ensure quality education on DNA, health and wellness for the masses.

Group 2434

Economic Business Growth

To find matching opportunities for quality vendors to connect with the right customers globally.


Partnership For Goals

To collaborate with curated vendors so they can offer quality health & wellness services online

According to a Harvard Business Study…

"The early adoption of new technologies like DNA integration will lead to better business outcomes, including revenue and greater profit margins”



Founders and Advisors

Everyday we go to work hoping to do two things; make our customers’ lives a little easier, and make the world a little better. Get to know the people behind ConnectingDNA.

Our Founder

Cedric LEE

Since young, I always believe that life can be better with great ideas, and good old fashioned hard work. When my peers tell me I can’t do something; I will find ways to do it, and prove them wrong. Throw me a problem, and I will find ways to solve it.

Oh, and I guess my 18 years of experience in healthcare, business development, corporate management and creative design helped too.

Our Advisors

We get smarter everyday because we have great mentors and advisors supporting us in our journey. Meet them below. 

CHANG Sau Sheong

CEO, SP Digital

Head honcho of SP Digital with 26 years of experience in IT, technology and programming. In the industry, he is known as the ‘Code Father’. Sau Sheong brings his vast experience and network of technology and business contacts to our team. 

Joshua R. SIM

Award Winning Music Educator

The only musician who won the international Electone Grand Prix with 20 years of teaching experiences grooming music talents in the region. Joshua brings his insights of teaching based on Nature and Nurture to us.

Supporting Organizations and Strategic Partners

Where Are We?

Our headquarters is in sunny Singapore – the ‘Garden City’. We are well known for being a global financial center, a metropolitan tourism spot, as well as a medical and wellness hub of S.E. Asia.


7 Temasek Boulevard

#12-07 Suntec Tower One

Singapore 038987




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