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[1 MONTH COACHING] Kool-Zen Weekly Mindfulness Session To Relieve Stress

[1 MONTH COACHING] Kool-Zen Weekly Mindfulness Session To Relieve Stress

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$ 66.57

$ 66.57

$ 66.57


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Offering Information

Offering Description

Introducing our online class 
‘Kool-Zen & Thriving With Ease’ 
 This carefully crafted curriculum takes you through understanding your inner landscape. It is a highly experiential, exploratory approach with intent listening, guided inquiry and facilitation.

Like a room that needs decent housekeeping of orderliness and hygiene for growth and happiness, we also need to sustain our energies as beings so that we are able to function well in today’s world of VUCA.

(Volatility, Unpredictability, Complexity and Ambiguity)   

Other than wellness factors like good nutrition, adequate exercise and social support from friends and family, did you know that connecting our mind, body and spirit together can allow us to function optimally in our daily life? By achieving this state, we can adapt to any external stress or mental changes with ease. 

According to the mediation research, we as humans, are surrounded by 400 billion environmental data every day, yet we can only pick up less than 1% with our common senses.

Therefore, if we are able to enhance our full senses through mediation and mindfulness, we will be able to connect our mind, body and spirit in harmony to increase our awareness to our surroundings, and find deeper purpose and inner peace for ourselves.  

What You Will Learn In These Sessions…

      • Redefine our daily coping habits
      • Reconnect with our natural selves
      • Embrace the essence of being human
      • Discover our lost touches and movements
      • Listen in to the inner wisdom of our bodies
      • Explore various emotions such as anxiety/excitement, sadness/joy, anger/fear, trust/disgust, love/remorse
      • Etc 

Your Take-Aways From The Sessions…

      • Develop greater empathy and compassion
      • Build stronger mental and emotional resilience
      • Able to connect with others at a deeper level
      • Gain the ability to be authentic, open and courageous
      • Be more grounded in times of stressful situations
      • Have an embodiment of gratitude and love for yourself and for others

Hello! I am Sue-Ann, the Founder of Our Sacred Sanctuary. I’m a staunch believer of sustainability and spiritual balance, and I use it to optimize my day-to-day activities; whether it is for work or for relationships. In my journey of continual personal-development, self-mastery and healing, I have gone through stringent trainings to be a professional wellness coach and has achieved the following certifications :

      • Post-graduate Diploma in Education
      • International Association of Coaching Institute Certified Life & Executive Coach
      • Aromatic Freedom Technique Certified Practitioner
      • International Mindfulness Teacher Association Certified Mindfulness Coach-Facilitator
      • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
      • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification
      • NGH Hypnotherapist
      • Akashic Healing for mental & emotional beliefs & Body and Organ Energetic Healing
      • Bodytalk Fundamental Trainee
      • USUI Reiki Certified Master Teacher & Practitioner

In my journey of self-discovery, I have realized that people these days can be easily overwhelmed by many of life’s expectations like financial stability, physical perfection, mental acuity, and emotional resilience. Coupled with constant demands of attention from electronic devices, work, family and even friends, people who does not have a balanced mental state can easily lose themselves to stress and blind themselves to their purpose in life. 

Through my training, I have learnt to calibrate my mental and spiritual state to achieve optimal balance in my life. With this new discipline, I am now able to achieve clarity in action and make wise decisions in my life and the lives of my students. 

With my enlightenment, I am on a mission to create a Sanctuary for you to nurture the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual space within you. This is so that you too, can be the best version of yourself in every single way, and be able to make decisions with ease and clarity. With this newfound power, I believe you will be able to move forward fully in life; leaving behind regrets and past mistakes, and embrace your new beginning in freedom and love.

With my in-depth insights and skills, I am confident to help you in whatever mental obstacles you may face in life, and help you unlock a better tomorrow for your future.


Q: Is this service related to religion?

A: No, this service is designed based on learnings from the fields of Neurolinguistic Programming, Secular Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy, Flow Yoga and Contemporary Dance Movement. Hence it is very much in tune to the mechanics of how the connections between the mind, heart, spirit and body work. Come and try in order to understand. 🙂

Q: Who is this service suitable for?

A: This online service is suitable for anyone looking to improve or enhance their quality of life with deeper meaning, purpose and love.

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100% verified opinions

all opinions are from people using this vendor

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