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[10 WEEKS TRAINING] Join-Z’s 10/20/30 One-To-One Personal Training Packages

[10 WEEKS TRAINING] Join-Z’s 10/20/30 One-To-One Personal Training Packages

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$ 887.63

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Offering Information

Offering Description

As any working adults, we all have our own life commitments – be it family, house, parents, or work. Because of this, most of us neglect the most important commitment we should have, which is our own physical health and mental wellness.

In Join-Z Wellness, our principal coach Jonathan has worked in different industry supporting the company’s accounts and finance department. He has also then moved to the fitness industry to understand how things work and understand the best practice. Currently he is a Marketing Manager for Ecom Singapore and working as a personal trainer during Saturdays, before and after any regular working hours.

One of the most frequently asked questions by Jon’s clients is, “How many days should I be working out in a week?”. The industry works in a way that the more you train, the better it is. But I always believe sometimes less is more. Jon’s classic reply would be “If you are not doing anything for the past 6 months, then working once a week is a win and if we do that for 4 weeks consecutively, then we can already celebrate such small wins and eventually one would develop a habit of exercising regularly depending on this daily habits and preference which need to factor in also their current life conditions.”

A mum with new born wont have the luxury of exercising for 2 hours while letting her child cry or being taken care by others, sometimes when there isn’t even anyone.

A working dad with 3 kids might only have 5am in the morning for a quick run before his day starts and he kept his weekend solely for family time.

A new working adult that is hustling and grinding hard Mon to Sat may only have Sunday to exercise.

A retiree may have all the time in the world but she will only do her yoga after 11am once all her grandchildren goes to their respective schools or kindergarten.

An athlete or model would workout 6 times a week because of that is the nature of their career. Period.

Ultimately, there is no best practice if we take into account everyone’s lifestyle into consideration.

Our motto is – We recognize your effort!

Join-Z Wellness provides 10 / 20 / 30 sessions PT packages. These sessions are not a cookie cutter programmes offered to our trainees, but are highly personalized services for people looking for sustainable weight loss / fat loss, strength training, deadlift, pre-and-post natal slimming, wedding shoot preparation, general strength conditioning, general wellness, myofascial trigger point therapy, pain management, and injury management.

There is always the initial stage of understanding basic movement of the trainees and allowing the coach to gather feedback on intensity, effort and setting the difficulty level. Usually it will be the first 2 sessions, there after it will be a constant effort of training plus review and constant communication between the coach the trainee to make all goals achieved. Putting things into perspective, if one can only train once a week, 10 sessions equates to 2 and a half month of training and while the trainee will experience getting stronger and feel changes, there wont be any visible changes noted. If one person is able to train 2 times a week, 30 sessions will allow him/her to see changes in approximately 15 weeks.

We will always link everything back to our mission, which is we recognize your effort and in this journey that you embark on being healthier, Join-Z Wellness will be alongside you throughout this entire journey!

#04-05, 2 Handy Road, The Cathay, Singapore 229233. Bold Fitness

Bold Fitness is a space sharing gym where the owner allows Freelance personal trainers to conduct their PT sessions here. Because this is a exclusive PT only gym, all Join-Z Wellness clients are allowed to train here when they have a session with our coach, Jonathan. There are no additional fees incurred. All PT sessions charges and inclusive of access to the gym for 90 minutes, including the 60 minutes PT session. T&C applies.

The gym provides, shower facility, locker and usage of 2 towels per visit. Clients are able to access the gym via a facial recognition system at the entrance upon signing up with Join-Z Wellness.

Andrea is a stayhome mum and she is now with her baby girl Aina. Her goals were very straight forward, be strong and healthy and able to accompany her child grow up together. She now does deadlift, lots of weight lifting alongside with core exercises that conditions her keep up to the baby’s energy. Cheers! Boo-YAH!

It is these life-changing body transformation that brings us the most satisfaction! So if you wish to achieve your goal of looking great, book a session with us today!

How are the appointment for the sessions done?
After completing the order on this platform, you can privately arrange with us to book your sessions based on your availability. We offer flexibility in scheduling for each session based on your lifestyle!

Is this an online or face-to-face booking?
This is a face-to-face session in Singapore.

Can you create a DNA-designed program?
Yes, your fitness plan can be personalized via your DNA report. Just share your DNA report to us after you have made your booking.

Do I have to pass you my entire DNA report?
No need for entire DNA report if you find it sensitive. Just share with us the part on your fitness. nutrition and personality traits will do.

How long to create my fitness plan using my DNA report?
3 to 5 working days, depending on the amount of info given.

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100% verified opinions

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