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LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches (30 Patches) – Increases Your Physical Energy and Endurance

LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches (30 Patches) – Increases Your Physical Energy and Endurance

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Offering Information

Offering Description

Sustained Energy with No Caffeine, Drugs or Stimulants

Before starting LifeWave in 2004, our Founder and CEO (David Schmidt) was already compelled to answer one persisting question: how can people sustain energy without using drugs, stimulants, or caffeine? The answer led to the development of Energy Enhancer, the first patch we ever developed and the foundation of our patented technology.

Did You Know?

It should come as no surprise that 83 percent of adults drink coffee on a regular basis1, and the conventional thinking is that moderate caffeine consumption is not considered a health risk. But the most recognized coffee chains offer beverages in multiple sizes, and that’s where the line is often crossed. For example, some large coffee options contain as much as 436 milligrams of caffeine, which is more than you’ll find in a whopping 12 cans of soda.

Too much caffeine can cause irritability, heartburn and rapid heartbeat, just to name a few. And many popular energy drinks are far worse when it comes to ingredients. Not only do they contain high caffeine and sugar levels, but they’re also infused with excessive amounts of taurine, which can cause serious side effects when consumed in large quantities.

Alarmingly, the amount of people hospitalized because of energy drink consumption doubled between 2007 and 2011, from 10,068 to 20,783.2 By 2014, more than 10 percent of emergency room visits by people age 12 or older involving energy drinks resulted in hospitalization.2

We can all use a little boost of energy in our daily lives, and these patches are a safe, effective alternative with no caffeine, drugs or stimulants.

1 National Coffee Association’s (NCA) National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) market

2 2011 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Energy Enhancer Release Makes National News

Shortly after Energy Enhancer was released, David was introduced to renowned women’s swimming coach, Richard Quick, of Stanford University. Just three weeks after providing the patches to his team, six of its eight members broke their personal lifetime records. Stanford Team members were then spotted wearing the patches during the Olympic Swimming trials, propelling LifeWave into the national media spotlight. As a result, over 1000 people came forward to become LifeWave Distributors.

Since that time, Energy Enhancer has helped people around the globe go further, run faster, climb higher and embrace each day with renewed stamina and vigor. A safe more effective alternative to other energy products, Energy Enhancer will make you forget you ever hit that late-afternoon wall again.

Introducing the LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patch

Energy Enhancer patches reflect particular wavelengths of light, which stimulate specific points on the skin that increase energy production in the cells (beta- oxidation). Because beta-oxidation produces more than twice the energy of carbohydrate burning, this is the most effective and natural way to increase overall energy.

• Clinically proven to increase energy and endurance

• Supports a physical fitness routine

• Convenient and easy to use

• Fast results

• Patented, proprietary form of phototherapy

• No drugs, chemicals or stimulants

How Does the Patch Works?

Your body emits heat in the form of infrared light. LifeWave patches are designed to trap this infrared light when placed on the body, which causes them to reflect particular wavelengths of light. This process stimulates specific points on the skin that signal the body to produce health benefits unique to each LifeWave patch.

Each LifeWave patch also uses the principles of acupressure to gently stimulate points on the body that restore balance and improve energy flow, providing a specific health benefit. 

What Makes One LifeWave Patch Different than Another?

Each patch is exclusively designed to reflect particular wavelengths of light that stimulate specific points on the skin. This enables each patch to provide unique health benefits. No drugs or chemicals enter your body.

Energy Enhancer Study Results

2005 Study
Conducted in 2005 by Dr. Lisa Tully, this study concluded that wearing the Energy Enhancer patches improved energy levels in 100 percent of test subjects (36 healthy adults between the ages of 22 and 72).1 On average, there was a 22 percent increase in each subject’s ability to convert fat into energy, produced a striking 33 percent uptick in overall strength endurance.1 Based on the data collected and the results obtained, Energy Enhancer patches improve athletic performance, by increasing net stamina/strength endurance output.

Read the full report. 1 Clark D. LifeWave Energy Patches Infrared Study. Dec 12, 2005.

2009 Study
Conducted in 2009 during a 30-day period, this study involved 60 subjects of various, age, exercise levels, race, gender and health levels. It concluded that daily use of Energy Enhancer improved energy levels in 100 percent of test subjects.1 Further, that the Energy Patches are 100 percent safe and effective, with no reported negative side effects.1

Read the full report.1 Acuscope and Skin Conductance along Meridians: Before and After LifeWave Energy Patches, 2009.

When should I use the Energy Enhancer patches?
You should use the Energy Enhancer patches when you need to improve energy production, athletic performance and endurance, and to promote a general sense of well being.

How many patches can I use at one time?
For most people one set of Energy Enhancer patches produces significant results. In the case of athletic competition, two sets of Energy Enhancer can be used for performance purposes.

Benefits can be immediate!

Unlike most products, LifeWave Patches goes to work the minute you apply it.

How to Use?

Each sleeve contains 30 patches.

Place one set of Energy patches on the body, using one of the locations shown. Always place the WHITE patch on the RIGHT side of the body, the TAN patch on the LEFT side of the body.

What should I expect to feel when using the Energy Enhancer patches?
Although individual results may vary, you should expect to feel elevated, stable energy levels throughout the day. This includes an increase in physical energy and endurance. You may also initially experience some detoxification symptoms.

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